Endorsements for
Diane Lenning, Ed.M.
     Diane is grateful to be endorsed by many respected education and community leaders. ...The broad spectrum of endorsements show that people of all walks of life...parents,  educators,  students, elected officials, religious, military, and community leaders endorse Diane Lenning WRITE IN CAMPAIGN for CA Supt of Public Instruction 2010. Support from throughout the state shows a network of concerned supporters among all types of students and school districts to bring us.  Together, we will "fix" our schools!...for our kids and grandkids' future!
[FYI:  "Phoney" Larry Aceves is NOT a Republican and he is NOT endorsed by Republican organizations!  Diane LENNING is the ONLY Republican endorsed candidate for superintendent!  Don't fall for the "deceitful" practices of some candidates and "Private" slate owners who sell their slots to anyone who has the money!  DON'T BE FOOLED!]
Partial listing...
ENDORSEMENTS and SUPPORTERS:  Diane LENNING is the Only Candidate Endorsed by Republican Groups and across the board education, community, and TEA PARTY leaders! 
THANK YOU everyone for your support!
Craig Huey Election Forum, South Bay, CA...Thumbs Up!
Community Research and Information Center:  Bipartisan Political Action Committee serving southern Calfornia since 1986.
Honorable Dana Rohrabacher, Congressman (Los Angeles and Orange Counties)
Honorable Ed Royce, Congressman (Orange County)
Major General Dave Bryan, U.S. Army (ret)
Honorable Congressman Elton Gallegly (Ventura County)
CA Federation of Young Republicans
William Lind, Bakersfield TEA PARTY PATRIOTS!
Robyn Nordell, Orange County Pundit
Jason S. Li, U.S. Army-Germany, Torrance, CA
Nancy's Picks, Orange County Pundit
Bob Nelson, Educator-Santa Maria, CA
Craig Huey Election Forum, South Bay, CA...Thumbs Up!
Carolyn Guillot
Thousand Oaks Tea Party - organizer Thousand Oaks, CA TEA PARTY "Patriots"
Hemet Tea Party
Menifee Tea Party
Palm Springs Tea Party
Murrieta Tea Party
Central Vally Tea Party
Pasadena Patriots Tea Party
Beverly Huffman, Lancaster/Palmdale, CA TEA PARTY Leader/Activist
Mike Harris, City of Petaluma Council Member
Beverly Norberg,  Long Beach City College/AAWCC
Tommy Tunson,  Chief of Police, Arvin, CA
Trisha Bowler,  CRP Delegate/RPLACC
Randall and Anne Widner, Prather CA
Judy Rachels,  former President of CA State Women's Christian Ministries
Jim Bentley,   Educator/Service Learning Co-ordinator, Sacramento
Bruce Crawford,  President, CRA Corona del Mar
Allen J. Wilson,  RPLAC District 60/Region 3/Red County Contributor
Cynthia Cross,  Columnist, Huntington Beach
Annette Fruehan,  College Professor
John Eastman, Constitutional Law Professor, Chapman University
Kevin Korenthal,  Southern California Pundit
Judy Rachels,  former President of CA Women's Christian Ministries
Allen Wood,  Los Angeles County RPLAC
Warren Hernand, Esq, Petaluma
Cindy Sheek, Orange County
Victor Gomez,  Vice-Mayor Hollister, CA
John S. Stammreich,  Chair 54th RPLAC
Zonya Townsend,  RWF Fullerton/CRA/OC Central Committee
Pia Varma,  Business woman and political activist/www.PopModal.com
Joel Fruehan, retired Port of Long Beach
Arthur Plourde, South Bay
CA Republican Assembly: the statewide organization that got Reagan elected!
Richard Amhrein, Tulare Tea Party
Jim Johnson,  Photography, City of Orange
John W. Jones,  elected Yolo County Republican Central Committee
Jerry Lenning,  CPA, Capt USAF (ret)
Brett Marymee,  HBRA
Allen Harper, President Indian Education for Desert Sands Unified School District
Pete Kesterson, South Bay
Damien McDowell, Los Angeles USD Student
Nachum Shifren, Author "Kill a Teacher"
Tommy Tunson, City Police Chief Central Valley
Lydia Grant, Parents Advocacy LAUSD
Maria O. Gillies, American Asian Youth Foundation
Drew Sweatte, Inland Empire
Patricia Shaw, Palmdale City Commissioner
Patrick U. Parks, U.S. Marines
Ben Komenkul, Asian Foundation LA County
Richard Amhrein, Tulare Tea Party
Elaine McKearn,  Ventural Women Republican Federated
Diane Johnson,  Orange County Businesswoman
Judy Duvall,  Republican Activist
Maria O. Gillies,  Republican Activist, Oceanside
Sandy Needs,  RPLAC
FRIENDS to ELECT Conservatives in CA 2010!
Kenneth A. Liles, CDR, USN (ret) San Diego
Dennis Berg,  Inland Empire, Community Activist
Damien McDowell,  Youth Representative-at-large, Los Angeles
Tanya Marquez, Inland Empire
Kylie Loomis, LA County
Ron and Amanda Arteno, of Central Valley Patriots
Cuong Sinh Cao, President American Vietnamese/Westminster Republican Assembly
June ThyDung Nguyen, Ed.D. Orange County
Jill Puich, Political Pundit, OrangeJuiceblog.com, Educator
Jeff Lenning, CPA Orange County
Matthew Harper, HBUHS Governing Boardmember
Conservative Educators, LAUSD
James F. Galley, Chairman CA Republican Veterans of America
Jason Hopkins, San Benito County
Carol Howell, Educator, Covina Unified School District
Dr. Anyork Lee, Walnut Valley Unified School District Board
Vladimir Val Cymbal, RPLAC member
SAN FRANCISCO Republican Alliance
Sandra Gray, Covina
Carole Sanstad, Sacramento
Dr. Thomas Haggerty, San Marcos/San Diego
Roslyn Manley, Democrat Activist
Adam Buttons, Executive Producer, Plausible Denial Productions Inc.
John Heida, Right Thinking Americans: 2010 Election Voter Guide
Jeff R. Matthews, JD/MBA, Commissioner Costa Mesa Parks and Recreation
Rabbi Nachum Shifren, Educator 22 Years LAUSD.  Author: Kill Your Teacher
James Denton, Sr. Executive TRW/Northrop Grumman (Ret), Redondo Beach, CA; President, Board of the Mental Health Center of North Central Alabama; and former California teacher.
Emily Sanford, Capt. U.S.N. (ret)
Timothy Morgan, Community Activist says, "I have no doubt that California would benefit greatly from your ideas and programs. Education in America generally, and CA in particular, is an embarrassment. It's not lack of money that makes our schools so poor. It's not the students, nor our teachers. It's a lack of vision and leadership at the highest levels of the school system. I admire your ideas, and support you all the way. I look forward to celebrating your election!"
Matt Harper, HBUHSD Board
Stephen Rhodes, R.T. Radio
CRA, Seal Beach, CA: Local Chapter
Ray Westmoreland, Mariposa, CA
Amanda Arteno, Auberry, CA
Carlo De La Fuente, Catheys Valley, CA
Greg Porter, Mariposa CA
Darlene Arebala, Mariposa, CA
Kenneth Melton, Mariposa, CA
Lawrence Dobbins, Mariposa, CA
William Neuharth, Pres Nevada County Republicans
Dean Grose, Orange County Central Committee
CA Republican Veterans
Keith Morrison, Mariposa, CA
Cara Morrison, Mariposa, CA
Marie Porter, Mariposa, CA
Myrna Westmoreland, Mariposa, CA
William Smith, Mariposa, CA
Glen Robinson, Mariposa, CA
Mary Robinson, Mariposa, CA
Gary Porter, Mariposa, CA
Kenneth Wagner, Catheys Valley, CA
Edith Dobbins, Mariposa, CA
Jonathan Habarad, Mariposa, CA
Dagny Beck, Cathy Valley, CA
Craig Huey Election Forum, South Bay, CA...Thumbs Up!
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